1. Hooting And Howling Magazine is looking for new writers to join the team!

    We’re looking for people who are passionate about new and current music and want to show their love for music through words. We want people who can bring new ideas to the website and can help us promote the best new music around. 

    We like people with a wide and varied music taste, who can write interesting articles and can help us reach an even bigger readership in the new year. We like people with initiative, motivation, and dedication to writing and to music. We like people who know how to love music and who know how to hate music. 

    If you think you are one of these people then email hello@hootingandhowling.com with the following:

    • Information about yourself
    • Previous work, or, if you haven’t written anything before, a few short reviews
    • An idea of your music taste

    It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you’re from or what you’re studying, but it helps if you love to write about music!

    However, if you don’t think you can be part of the team, you can help in other ways.

    Thanks in advance, I hope to hear from you soon! x

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